Why Consumers Love Investing in the Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coins

Investors understand the value of purchasing rare and beautiful gold coins. Some of these coins are so important and so rare that they possess and maintain unexpected value. In fact, the value is so great that at times it can be worth much more than what the coin was originally valued at when it was first minted.

Take the Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coin as an example. In some instances, this gold coin is so rare that it can be worth $10,000 or more. In other cases, although it’s not worth five figures, it could be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the year that it was minted.

But there are other reasons why this coin is such a great collectible. And in fact, it’s no surprise that so many consumers have flocked to this coin to collect it on a regular basis.

Would you like to discover the reasons why consumers collect the Five Dollar Liberty Coin? I’m going to fill you in on some of the most important reasons below, so stick around to find out.

Reason #1: Some Versions of This Coin Are Extremely Rare

In particular, I’m talking about the “No Motto” 5 Dollar Liberty Gold Coins. Believe it or not, without the motto “In God We Trust” on the reverse side of the coin, you could very well have a really valuable coin on your hands.

liberty gold coins

They added the inscription to this coin in 1866 after the Civil War, but it wasn’t always there before that. And it’s estimated that there are only 19,000 coins that do not contain the motto In God We Trust on the back.

What does this mean for investors? If you have one of these coins, or you can get your hands on one of these coins very cheaply, you are going to end up with a very rare coin on your hands.

Could this mean earning good money or obtaining good value in an extremely rare coin? Absolutely! And since this is a rare coin, it’s going to become even more valuable over time. So, if you can buy one now at a fair price, it’s definitely something you’ll want to hold onto because it should accrue more value as the years pass.

I’d hate to see you miss a great opportunity. So, look for the “No Motto” $5 Liberty Gold Coin and add it to your valuable collection as soon as possible. It has the potential to gain much more value over time, which truly makes this a potentially lucrative investment.

Reason #2: You Can Get the Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coin Relatively Cheaply

As I said, not all of these gold coins are extremely rare. I mentioned the rarest type with no motto above, but there are plenty that have the motto In God We Trust on the reverse side.

You might be thinking, it’s going to cost so much money to add this coin to my collection. But in the grand scheme of things, nothing could actually be further from the truth. You could actually add one of these gold coins to your collection for as little as $300. It’s not going to be in perfect condition by any means, but it’s still going to possess value nonetheless. And if you’re willing to wait long enough, the value will accrue as time moves forward.

How do you get a good deal on a Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coin?

Obviously, this is the most important thing of all as someone interested in investing in this consumer collectible. You have to be willing to put in some legwork and shop around. You have to look at different dealers online, in brick-and-mortar stores, and even on websites like eBay and Craigslist. You never know what kind of deal you might come across, so it’s best to keep your eyes open and ready to discover an amazing Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coin at an extremely low price.

Reason #3: The Future of the Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coin Is So Bright That You Have to Wear Shades

The great thing about getting into this investment is that the Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coin has a very bright future indeed. How do I know? It’s a valuable gold coin to begin with, it’s often very rare in many cases, and investors are clamoring to get their hands on them.

gold coin investing

liberty dollar coin
This is one of the most rare coins that can be collected.

And since there is only a limited amount, you can expect the value to appreciate for its rarity. But there is also another factor that you have to consider about the future of gold coins in general. The value of gold has risen tremendously over the past 10 years, which makes this coin worth even more money just for the gold content alone.

Did you know that a year ago gold was selling for $1200 an ounce? It’s actually selling for about $1900 an ounce right now, which makes this rare and beautiful investment even more worthwhile in my opinion. I hope you share the same opinion because it’s true and 100% valid.

Reason #4: The Appearance of the Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coin Is Beautiful

What makes an investor go gaga for a particular gold coin? Well, if it has a beautiful design, it’s one they will definitely want to get their hands on. And the Liberty Gold Coin truly has an amazing design that you’re absolutely going to love.

On the front, it has a beautiful picture of Lady Liberty in all of her majesty and glory. On the back, there is a picture of an American Eagle with a shield standing on an olive branch. This image personifies America, and anyone looking to buy Liberty Head Coins will certainly appreciate this gorgeous image.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve made it to the end, it shouldn’t surprise you that so many consumers collect Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coins. It’s beautiful, it’s valuable and incredibly rare, it has an even brighter future, and if you’re willing to shop around, you can find them very cheaply. Begin collecting these beautiful cold coins sooner rather than later.

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How to Buy Gold

Buy Gold

Many people wonder about bumping into a glint of gold someday and becoming very rich. Well, the current global economy is prominently held by gold, especially in countries like the USA. If you have decided on gold investment, you need to ensure that you review various issues associated with products of gold investment. You need to know about the places to buy gold online, the different risks, fees, where to store physical gold, return profiles and its liquidity characteristics.

What you need to Know on Purchasing Gold

Right, so you have an idea on investing in gold, but you don’t have an idea where you can purchase the unique mineral that would change your life. Here is some vital information on Places to Buy Gold in the USA and Places to Buy Gold Online.

  • Purchasing physical gold (coins & bars)

These are gold in the form of coins and bars, which are currently in demand. Since the early 2000s, the funds have quadrupled within the annual investments in the country. They contribute to around two-thirds of various markets, including in the West and East.  You can buy through one of the gold companies listed here.

  • Purchasing accounts that have been allocated with gold

There are bullion banks in the USA that offer their unique customers high net-worth options of gold deposits similar to their currency accounts. You can therefore become the legal owner of that account that has gold of a specific quantity. You can also act as a providers’ creditor to a general entitled set of gold that amounts to an unallocated account.

  • Gold-backed ETFs purchases

ETFs, E.T.C.s, and other related accounts fund contribute to the demand in annual investments made on gold since 2003. By March 2006, physical gold of about 2300 tonnes had been collectively acquired by investors around the world from these trade funds.

  • Online Internet Gold Investment

With the growth of technology worldwide, investors can now access anything online easily while in the comfort of their offices, homes, and country. Internet investment of gold has become a trendy thing in the gold market and has acquired the name I.I.G. (Internet Investment Gold). It means that you can make an online purchase of physical gold and store it.

  • Purchasing Derivatives of Gold

It includes options, forwards, and futures via over-the-counter and exchanged trades. Investors who desire financial security use bilateral contracts which seem suitable to them to purchase their gold. They ensure that there’s an involvement of counter-party risks.

  • Purchasing Stocks in Gold Mining

It is possible to get gold by investing in companies that deal with gold mining and purchase shares. You also need to mind that the value of the gold will changes and the earnings; hence the future is unpredictable.

Physical Gold

Storage Options for Physical Gold

So, you have decided on the Places to Buy Gold in the USA and the next question you should ask yourself is where to store physical gold. After purchasing bullion gold, you need to find somewhere safe and secure to store our gold. First of all, you need to consider the amount before moving forward to what storage it needs.

You can therefore decide to store it in a vault or give it to a professional for storage. Keeping the gold at home might be uncomfortable because of damage or theft cases. Also, avoid placing your bars or gold coins in places that seem damp or corrosive. It’s also good to know that silver and gold can’t be stored together because they tend to tarnish or damage each other.

Thirdly, you can get yourself a safe and place it in a very secure place where you will put your gold. The safe needs to be highly rated as having a good cover, and it should also have an insurance cover that will cater to the losses if your valuables get stolen. Additionally, its security needs to be highly prioritized through its rating, and it’s important that it has to be fireproof.

Lastly, when dealing with a third party storage option, you need to consider the following things before handing over your gold;

  • Guaranteed possession of ownership
  • Security
  • Accessibility
  • Contamination protection

The Benefits and Non-benefits of Having Bullion Gold

Investors consider investing in gold rather than dealing with currency because it has a positive track record of various things. Below are some of the advantages of holding gold vs. currency;

  • Liquidity– it involves buying gold assets which has much worth. You can decide later if you need to convert them into cash when necessary, and the stakes are high that you will get more cash.
  • Returns – as compared to various stretches of stocks, gold always outperforms them, even if it’s not always the best.
  • Diversification– unlike other assets, gold always performs differently; hence it’s less risky because its portfolio is diversified.
  • Low Correlation – in terms of bonds and stocks, there’s always a difference in performance with gold. They might either go low or up or vice versa.
  • Various options of storage value – when an investor notices that there’s some threat perceived in the economy, they can easily move ahead and retreat their gold; hence it can be termed a defensive investment.

Bullion Gold

Similar to any other investments out there, gold also comes with some drawbacks despite having several benefits. Let’s explore the different non-benefits of gold investment below.

  • Non-passive Investment– bonds and stocks are passive investments, but gold isn’t. When you have a passive investment, it means that you can earn income on a regular level in terms of both dividends and interests. However, for gold, you can only sell it in an open market.
  • Storage is difficult– the biggest issue when it comes to gold investment for many investors is storage. Careful storage is required for gold bars or coins because it’s worth and value is very high. Having to store gold carefully means spending extra charges to do so.
  • Losses due to pricing– in instances where there is a correlation in gold prices, its value will lead to a crash in the stock markets. It especially happens when the prices have been elevated. Investors always want to wait until the hiatus subsides when the prices get corrected before moving. During this period, losses are acquired by the investors.


Reviewing the advantages of holding gold vs. currency, we can conclude that despite gold investment is an optimal choice of investment; you need to have and stick to an investment plan in your portfolio without rushing to purchase gold coins or gold bars. Remember, gold is a commodity that requires smart investment, and fluctuation in the stock market is real.

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Gold IRA Companies and How They Operate

Gold Bars

In the world we live in today, it is not enough to rely on a single source of income. People now look for many different ways to earn money to buy their dream home, their dream car, or their preparation for their retirement. There had been conversations from other people on the many ways you can earn, such as the stock market. However, have you ever considered the old-school kind of wealth? No, I don’t mean money. Something a little older and a little heavier. Something like Gold. In today’s speak, Gold individual retirement accounts (IRA).

Gold had always had the appeal it used to have centuries ago. Owning Gold, an asset that is both tangible and long-lasting, will remain to be seen as one of the best things to own. Over the years, Gold had always been insusceptible to many kinds of economic and political changes. What’s great about the value of Gold is that it continues to appreciate over the course of time. Whether there is inflation or a political riot, or even an unstable stock market, the value of Gold could withstand all that. People who wish to diversify their assets now look at IRA to add variety to their assets other than bonds, stocks, or even mutual funds.

As a matter of fact, one of the very few commodities that the IRS allows IRAs to put their stakes in and invest in Gold. Although, before you go on a shopping spree and buying all the Gold you can get, you have to understand the complexities that the Gold IRA brings.

What is a Gold IRA?

Gold IRA

A gold IRA is an example of an individual retirement account that allows people or investors to own real and physical Gold, as well as other precious metals from earth. But before having your precious metals in your account, you’ll be needing a self-directed account that shall be managed and administered through a specialist custodian. This custodian shall manage and handle the storage of the precious metal.

Under the precious metal IRA, the Gold IRA also works well with a standard individual retirement account, with an equal contribution, distribution, as well as limit rules. Compared to stocks and bonds where you simply need to hold on to a paper, Gold IRA is appropriated through handling physical bullion such as bars or coins of Gold and the many other precious metals in terms of platinum, silver, and even palladium.

Other forms of IRAs may also include stocks in Gold, such as stock shares for mining and production companies of Gold, mutual funds of Gold either in stocks, bullion, or even both, and together with ETFs which can track gold indexes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gold IRAs

Owning Gold IRAs provide you with tax benefits. Certain Gold IRAS comes with special tax treatment as a standard. Having Gold IRAs also offers you a long-term hold because both physical gold and IRA holdings are not as liquid as other assets. In order to truly appreciate the value you have invested in your IRAs, you would typically liquify the value of your Gold once you’re well on your way to retirement. More than this, having Gold IRAS provides you with a greater sense of control for you to have the power and the choice to choose where you hope and wish to make an investment.

You can learn about the best gold ira companies from the perspective of a business owner who has gone through the process of setting up a gold IRA and who has examined the landscape of different vehicles to grow your self directed IRA plan and see which companies he recommends working with.

Though Gold IRAs provide you with special tax treatment, there wouldn’t be any tax-advantaged income. Having gold bullion wouldn’t equate to having dividends nor interest, as well as any other form of returns. Other than that, there will be an increase in expenses if you opt not to keep your Gold at home or even in a bank’s safe. You would need to hire a custodian to ensure the safety of your investment from transportation up to storage security. Other than all these, having Gold IRAs also means that your funding is restricted, which means that you cannot remove any type of precious metal found in your Gold IRA.

Where to look for Gold

Gold Companies

Gone are the days you have to dig into the earth to get your Gold, although that is still possible. The market today had been bigger and was able to reach broader. You could easily get Gold from reputable gold brokers. If you’re looking for precious metals, the first place you could easily look for them is on the internet. Although, you have to be careful and critical in choosing the best reputable gold brokers, or else you might as well just be robbed of your hard-earned money. Here are some of the most reputable gold brokers, JM Bullion, Goldbroker, BGASC, and many others. What is important and the most basic thing you have to remember is that reputable gold brokers give prices that are closest to each other. More than that, you need to do thorough research as to what you should expect to be the price of a precious metal such as gold.

How is Gold stored?

As mentioned earlier, securing the Gold IRA is of utmost importance because you will be basically protecting your investment. However, unlike a bank, you couldn’t just keep your Gold in the bank through a bank deposit box. It must be something larger and somewhere safe. Some Gold IRA owners may opt to choose to have a vault in their home so they could keep their Gold, or they could hire a specialist custodian to do the job from transportation to the securing process of the professionals. It is no easy task to protect your investment, but once you’ve decided your course of action, someday soon, you will be reaping the words you’ll be the value of your investment most especially when you need it the most, like your retirement.

Overall, it is important to consider utilizing and diversifying your assets other than bonds and other forms of liquid assets. Through a Gold IRA, you get to invest in something that will hold the same value, if not more, throughout different situations that both politics and the state of the economy may possibly bring..

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Augusta Precious Metals Review: Why Augusta is a Top Gold IRA Company

Augusta Precious Metals is one of the most well-known companies for gold investment retirement accounts (IRAs). Their brand is associated with well-maintained physical gold and silver portfolios, providing retirees with care and satisfaction as they diversify their resources. The provider values trust and disclosure among its clients, which is why they have remained a top player in the IRA industry.

The Reputation of the Company

Augusta Precious Metals Review

The Augusta Precious Metals brand has enjoyed goodwill and positive word-of-mouth among the retirement community. By showcasing an optimized process wherein users save up on costs and get better pricing. The company has also benefited from a stable endorsement from Joe Montana, a famous quarterback.

But besides anecdotes from satisfied customers and celebrities, the company is also recognized by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC is one of the agencies in the United States directly dealing with financial matters, and they advise people looking into retiring to start building their portfolio. The company has a team of qualified professionals that work with their clients to maximize their resources in a gold IRA.

Opening Up a Gold IRA Through Augusta

There are three significant steps to opening an account with Augusta Precious Metals. Although opening up an IRA can be confusing for everyone, the company has representatives willing and able to assist anyone who wants to start an account. For instance, an account holder has to ensure that they secure the right amount of metals for their account. The IRS has an approved selection for these types of accounts, particularly when it comes to weight and value.

The first step is to open a self-directed investment retirement account. The top picks of Augusta for these include Equity Trust and Kingdom Trust. Both are reputable institutions that have strong reviews from their clients. Once done, an individual can put funds into the account through a rollover or a bank transfer.

The last step is to buy the precious metals for the account. These are kept in a tightly guarded facility, free of any threats such as theft and laundering. Augusta has options for gold, ranging from bullion to bars. Silver is also available, and both are in various weights. In addition, collectors may also purchase limited edition commemorative items such as unique coins.

Deals and Offers

Buying precious metals is an enormous investment. The company recognizes this, which is why they provide their clients with the option for a seven-day price guarantee. The rates are solidified once orders are confirmed through phone calls. As for the prices of huge orders like bullion, Augusta awaits payment before providing the final price. In addition, discounts are given for eligible bulk orders.

Besides these, Augusta also offers a silver bonus amounting to $2,000 to qualifying investors. Anybody who orders is also allowed to cancel their orders within one week. All purchases made after this period are considered final once placed.

Gold IRA

The Services and Costs

Augusta ensures that all gold IRA accounts are given utmost care and security. For instance, their facilities are strategically placed throughout the USA and Canada. These facilities are mandated to house the metals as soon as they arrive. This process usually takes one week, although logistic concerns can bring the waiting time up to ten days. Nonetheless, all metals will be accessible only to the account holder.

In addition, they provide information to their clients regarding prices. The representatives assist account holders regarding pricing, as these numbers can fluctuate. However, all interested buyers must have investments amounting to a minimum of $5,000 before they can begin purchasing metals. No limit is placed with regards to the number of assets.

The initial cost of setting up a gold IRA is only $50, although annual fees are amounting to $180. The prices are related to custodian maintenance and storage. Transactions made through a credit card are allowed but must only amount to $5,000. Checks and wire transfers are also accepted modes of payment.

The Public Perception on Augusta

If you search around the web at the popular watchdog websites, you’ll see Augusta gold ira reviews like this one often boast about the perks and advantages of using their service. But besides these benefits, the company also has a reliable rating on several reputable websites. In addition, they are rated A+ by the BBB or Better Business Bureau, an organization keeping track of companies.

The aggregator TrustLink displays a perfect five-star rating based on customer reviews, while Facebook and Glassdoor have the company in the 4-star range. The latter website relies on employee testimonials, indicating a healthy company culture that carries over to their services.

The Verdict

There are a lot of reasons why Augusta Precious Metals is a top gold IRA company according to Cayman Financial Review and other watchdogs. For instance, they have a good track record, as evidenced by solid testimonials and reviews. The process of opening an account is easy, and representatives are willing to assist all clients. The selection of precious metals is sizable, and security is top-notch. For retirees, Augusta is one of the companies to trust when diversifying a portfolio.

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