When it comes to online dating, people tend to be very quick and make rash decisions. Up till now, if you wanted to have sex with someone, the best way would have been to go to a local classified site and look for the adult section.

Why You Should Have Never Used Backpage.com

This is also true for Backpage which is one of the largest classified ads site in the USA. However, unlike other classified ads site, backpage is mostly used for its adult section which has plenty of people posting sex ads.

The only problem however is that most of the ads are bogus. Yep. You heard that correct. No matter how much backpage has a reputation in the adult industry for selling sex on the internet, these days it is nothing but a bunch of low quality ads that try to scam you.

Things for backpage has become so bad that nearly 100% of the ads found on the site are now just spoof to make you pay up in return of no services. Ads on the site are now posted mostly by third party escort services that leave a link back to their site where they claim the real stuff is waiting for you.

But when you reach their external site, it has fake photos of women with fake information that is made to look professional and good. Once you pay up the upfront amount, nothing really happens. No escort is sent to you and no message is received from the side.

I did find a nice resource for those of you looking for sites like backpage.com.

Back Page Shut Down
This is what you see when you visit backpage.com.

The truth is Backpage has become a breeding ground for criminals of all sorts and the law authorities have become quite strict with them. As a result, any genuine sex workers on the website have completely disappeared and now you’ll find nothing but scammers on the site.

Even by chance if you do find someone on backpage willing to offer you sex for some money, we will still recommend staying away from them. This is because back in the day there was a whole big national controversy regarding backpage which was not taking action against under-age sex workers.

That’s right! There is no way of telling if the person you are dealing with is of age or not. As a result, you may end up dealing with a minor who could be forced to offer her services on the internet by criminals such as human traffickers and sex traffickers.

Things got so bad for Backpage that the police didn’t hesitate arresting both the ad poster and the people who were using the services posted on the site. Law authorities even started advertising against using the site for sex services.

So in short, if you want to stay out of trouble and still want to have some good time, we would recommend checking the various adult dating websites available today. Unlike backpage, the sites do not scam you and steal your money. They have genuine members posting their profiles and are open to have sex with other members they deem worthy.