Adult hookup apps are one of the best ways to find some sexual fun in the quickest way possible. You can download these apps on your smartphone, sign-up within minutes, and you are ready to browse hundreds and thousands of singles for a good night’s fun.

However, not all adult hookup apps are made the same. Some actually suck a lot. Since the adult dating industry is brimming with hundreds of these apps, it can get confusing which to pick. This is where we come in.

We have listed down the best adult hook up apps that have the best members and the features that help you find sex quick and easy.

Try these apps one by one until you find the one that gets you the best slice of the pie.

The League

Looking for rich, successful, and hot singles? Or maybe you just want to have a luxurious dinner date before you get a good bang. If this is the case, then The League is an adult hookup app that might interest you.

The app is connected directly to your LinkedIn account which means that you’ll only meet rich, smart, and successful people on it. And when it comes to one night stands, this app does it pretty well! And because it is connected to your LinkedIn account, you can be sure that you’ll never run into your colleague!


Want to cut to the chase and get a good nightstand? Tapdat is a hookup site that specializes in it. The app is actually free to download and use on Android or iOS and it encourages being upfront with your sexuality. Since everyone is encouraged to talk about their wildest sexual fantasies, you’ll be talking to people who are comfortable with such topics.

When you sign up on the app and set a profile, it asks you to fill out a small form where you can tell what you’re into and how you want to be matched with other members on the app.

While it wasn’t mentioned on Single Man’s Paradise, it should have been!  (They round up a lot of the hook up apps and constantly discuss them in their forum.)


Feeld is a place where you can look for open-minded individuals and couples. It is a great platform to discover your sexuality and explore it by yourself or with a partner. The best thing about the app is that it never forces you to use your real name. But all the members have to be verified via Facebook.

You can also choose to remain hidden from the rest of your friends on facebook which ensures a lot of privacy. The app matches you with people around your area and encourages you to start a conversation. All the messages that you send disappear after they have been read, just like Snapchat.

The app recently introduced a feature where you can also anonymously invite your crush to the app and then try and hit on her. Pretty awesome!


Going on a vacation alone? You’re probably going to need someone to warm your bed. And if that is the case, Tingle is your best friend. The free-to-use app on iOS and Android lets you browse for members from a city of your choice. This allows you to pick someone well before you travel so that when you reach the destination, the other person is already waiting for you.

The app also has a radar feature that lets notifies you when you are near a potential match. Imagine walking in a mall and you and she get a notification. You can instantly meet right on the spot!

Also, another great feature about the app is that it lets you talk to a potential match via video chat. This way the two of you can get to know each other before you steam things up a little.


Tonight is another application that lets you cut to the chase. The free app on iOS was created by ex OkCupid employee. The purpose of the app is to help people get off their phones and find a date in person.

By simply tapping a button, you can let all the other members know that you are interested in some fun tonight. The app then shows you who else is also interested in going out on the same night. You have the option of selecting people to meet on the same night. The app even suggests a good place for the two of you to meet.

The only problem is that the app is currently available in select cities in the U.S.