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Many people wonder about bumping into a glint of gold someday and becoming very rich. Well, the current global economy is prominently held by gold, especially in countries like the USA. If you have decided on gold investment, you need to ensure that you review various issues associated with products of gold investment. You need to know about the places to buy gold online, the different risks, fees, where to store physical gold, return profiles and its liquidity characteristics.

What you need to Know on Purchasing Gold

Right, so you have an idea on investing in gold, but you don’t have an idea where you can purchase the unique mineral that would change your life. Here is some vital information on Places to Buy Gold in the USA and Places to Buy Gold Online.

  • Purchasing physical gold (coins & bars)

These are gold in the form of coins and bars, which are currently in demand. Since the early 2000s, the funds have quadrupled within the annual investments in the country. They contribute to around two-thirds of various markets, including in the West and East.  You can buy through one of the gold companies listed here.

  • Purchasing accounts that have been allocated with gold

There are bullion banks in the USA that offer their unique customers high net-worth options of gold deposits similar to their currency accounts. You can therefore become the legal owner of that account that has gold of a specific quantity. You can also act as a providers’ creditor to a general entitled set of gold that amounts to an unallocated account.

  • Gold-backed ETFs purchases

ETFs, E.T.C.s, and other related accounts fund contribute to the demand in annual investments made on gold since 2003. By March 2006, physical gold of about 2300 tonnes had been collectively acquired by investors around the world from these trade funds.

  • Online Internet Gold Investment

With the growth of technology worldwide, investors can now access anything online easily while in the comfort of their offices, homes, and country. Internet investment of gold has become a trendy thing in the gold market and has acquired the name I.I.G. (Internet Investment Gold). It means that you can make an online purchase of physical gold and store it.

  • Purchasing Derivatives of Gold

It includes options, forwards, and futures via over-the-counter and exchanged trades. Investors who desire financial security use bilateral contracts which seem suitable to them to purchase their gold. They ensure that there’s an involvement of counter-party risks.

  • Purchasing Stocks in Gold Mining

It is possible to get gold by investing in companies that deal with gold mining and purchase shares. You also need to mind that the value of the gold will changes and the earnings; hence the future is unpredictable.

Physical Gold

Storage Options for Physical Gold

So, you have decided on the Places to Buy Gold in the USA and the next question you should ask yourself is where to store physical gold. After purchasing bullion gold, you need to find somewhere safe and secure to store our gold. First of all, you need to consider the amount before moving forward to what storage it needs.

You can therefore decide to store it in a vault or give it to a professional for storage. Keeping the gold at home might be uncomfortable because of damage or theft cases. Also, avoid placing your bars or gold coins in places that seem damp or corrosive. It’s also good to know that silver and gold can’t be stored together because they tend to tarnish or damage each other.

Thirdly, you can get yourself a safe and place it in a very secure place where you will put your gold. The safe needs to be highly rated as having a good cover, and it should also have an insurance cover that will cater to the losses if your valuables get stolen. Additionally, its security needs to be highly prioritized through its rating, and it’s important that it has to be fireproof.

Lastly, when dealing with a third party storage option, you need to consider the following things before handing over your gold;

  • Guaranteed possession of ownership
  • Security
  • Accessibility
  • Contamination protection

The Benefits and Non-benefits of Having Bullion Gold

Investors consider investing in gold rather than dealing with currency because it has a positive track record of various things. Below are some of the advantages of holding gold vs. currency;

  • Liquidity– it involves buying gold assets which has much worth. You can decide later if you need to convert them into cash when necessary, and the stakes are high that you will get more cash.
  • Returns – as compared to various stretches of stocks, gold always outperforms them, even if it’s not always the best.
  • Diversification– unlike other assets, gold always performs differently; hence it’s less risky because its portfolio is diversified.
  • Low Correlation – in terms of bonds and stocks, there’s always a difference in performance with gold. They might either go low or up or vice versa.
  • Various options of storage value – when an investor notices that there’s some threat perceived in the economy, they can easily move ahead and retreat their gold; hence it can be termed a defensive investment.

Bullion Gold

Similar to any other investments out there, gold also comes with some drawbacks despite having several benefits. Let’s explore the different non-benefits of gold investment below.

  • Non-passive Investment– bonds and stocks are passive investments, but gold isn’t. When you have a passive investment, it means that you can earn income on a regular level in terms of both dividends and interests. However, for gold, you can only sell it in an open market.
  • Storage is difficult– the biggest issue when it comes to gold investment for many investors is storage. Careful storage is required for gold bars or coins because it’s worth and value is very high. Having to store gold carefully means spending extra charges to do so.
  • Losses due to pricing– in instances where there is a correlation in gold prices, its value will lead to a crash in the stock markets. It especially happens when the prices have been elevated. Investors always want to wait until the hiatus subsides when the prices get corrected before moving. During this period, losses are acquired by the investors.


Reviewing the advantages of holding gold vs. currency, we can conclude that despite gold investment is an optimal choice of investment; you need to have and stick to an investment plan in your portfolio without rushing to purchase gold coins or gold bars. Remember, gold is a commodity that requires smart investment, and fluctuation in the stock market is real.


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