Having problems with dark spots, skin blemishes, or discoloration of the skin? It can be quite a crises if you are working woman and such skin conditions plague your face, neck, arms, or any other part of the body.  My last post touched on the benefits of blue chamomile, and today we’ll talk about another item in the skin care game:  hyperpigmentation.

No one likes dark spots on their skin especially if most of the skin is fair otherwise. Unfortunately, skin is far from being perfect and nearly all of us have these problems. It gets out of hand when you stop caring for your skin altogether.

Dark skin can be natural or can be caused by environmental issues, or problems in the diet that causes deficiencies in the body. When these deficiencies or anti-bodies start to form in the body, the skin has to protect itself from harm.

The skin, in an attempt to fight harmful toxins, releases a pigment known as melanin. This pigment is dark in color. When at the cellular level, melanin doesn’t really harm you in any way. But when these cells get together and build up in large quantities, dark spots and other skin problems can start to show to the eye.

The only way you can protect yourself from dark spots is to use something that works at the root level and stops melanin from producing. Skin products that whiten skin are known to help with excessive melanin problem.

There are many skin whiteners available today but it is wise to research a bit before you settle for a single brand. You won’t find the perfect skin whitening serum by simply reading reviews, but at least you can know how much it has helped other people.

If you’re looking for such a serum that has a good success rate, then look no further than DNA Cosmeceuticals Rapid Skin Whitener. This is our favorite skin whitening product here at the studio and we usually recommend it to anyone who has trouble with dark skin.

One of the biggest reasons why this product is at the top of our recommendation list is because it is made with purely natural ingredients. Another reason why we love recommending Rapid Skin Whitener is that it is formulated right here in the U.S. So at least you don’t have to worry about some shady company making skin care products with cheaply imported Chinese chemicals.

When you start applying DNA Cosmeceuticals rapid skin whitener, you will see results almost immediately. The skin becomes smoother and shines instantly after the first use. With repeated use over the course of three to four weeks, the dark spots naturally start to disappear.

Areas that have stubborn dark skin such as the skin under your arms can take longer to brighten but are not impossible for rapid skin whitener. As an experiment, one of us tried using the product for five to six weeks on the skin under the knee and we saw some amazing results.

If it’s dark skin you want to lighten up, then you have to try DNA’s Rapid Skin Whitener. You won’t be disappointed.