Basically, the 40s is the age where men start developing some strange health conditions. According to one of the research, about 30% of men in their 40s develop prostate cancer besides other things like wrinkles and baldness. As a matter of fact, some of these diseases like cancer are always there but almost undetectable. Certainly, these are some of the shocking possibilities, however, the reality is, men over 40 needs to consider the best health practices as a means of mitigation. Below are some of these best practices that you may need to know from VP of Health for American Express, Bob Sackow:

1. Avoidable Food Items

As you approach or hit the 40s, your body becomes less efficient like before in regard to fatty or carbohydrate-rich food intake. With this in mind, you should take less processed, fried as well as sugar-intensive foods. Another roadblock that can simply pack on the calories without your knowledge is daily drinking.

2. You need the best foods to initiate weight loss

In order to lose weight in the 40s, there is nothing you need to consider as much as fiber and protein-rich meals. The most ideal source of protein includes legumes and beans, lean meats, skimmed milk, egg whites, low-fat dairy products, nuts, and soy. As much as fiber-rich meals may help you, vegetables and fruits, as well as whole grain cereals and bread, are quite significant.

3. Importance of Protein

Normally, protein elements in your meal will aid in the preservation of the muscle mass and thus your body metabolism. Additionally, protein concentrated meals are filling and with that, you will have a better likelihood to stop overeating. Further, they usually take longer to get digested in the digestive system. This implies that your body burns extra calories at the time of digestion.

4. Fiber-rich foods

In your 40s, you need to think about fiber-rich meals. Fruits, whole grains and vegetables will always keep you full. Because they are low in calories, they assist you to manage your general calorie uptake. More so, they supply you with essential micro-nutrients such as minerals and vitamins, which are important for hormonal balance and general great health.

5. Calcium

There is one more thing that everyone at the 40s needs to know- calcium should not be ignored at this age. In case you are not specifically used to dairy, you should note that you are missing a great source of calcium in your meals. As you hit the 40s, calcium becomes very important when it comes to keeping your bone density. Also, the other great sources of calcium may include leafy vegetables, spinach, beans, almonds, legumes, and oranges.

In addition to the above 5 best health practices for men over 40, experiencing nature and its value will make you feel happy and relaxed. Sometimes you need to break from your daily routine and just have a nature walk. It helps you in deviating from your stressful life thus relaxing your mind to the point that you will not feel the stress that your daily pursuits are putting on your own health. Actually, stress has a great influence on one’s life. The amount of stress that one experiences can change their looks.


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